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Website No.
Membership Level Points Per Mth Regular Price
MyFreeSafelist 9854 Power Pro 20,000 $19/mth
MyFreeMoneyMakingSafelist 2936 VIP 20,000 $15/mth
MySafelistPays 1591 VIP 20,000 $15/mth
MySuperSafelist 2030 Super Human 20,000 $30/mth
Awesome-Adz 537 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
MagneticSolos 568 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
MillionaireSolos 535 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
Profit-Clubhouse-Ads 848 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
Solo-Exchange 652 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
SuperSolosAndCash 1195 Super JV 20,000 $20/mth
SuperFastAds 937 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
Supreme-Traffic-Solos 499 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
TheADepot 444 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
TigersRoar 768 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
UniversalAdz 686 Super JV 20,000 $18/mth
Abracadabra Traffic  304  Gold   $27/mth
Total Membership Value Received Each Month: 300,000 $306

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